academic board resolutions assessment and examination of coursework

27.02.2017 -
Academic board resolutions assessment and examination of coursework. The Academic Board also convenes an Ethics Committee to oversee ethical conduct in the College's applied research and teaching activities and a Board of Examiners to make recommendations to Academic Board on subject grades and
19498/574044_2. ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES 2011. Issued by: Academic Board. Dated: 9 November 2011. Last amended: 10 October 2017. Signature: Name: ... (a) These procedures are to give effect to Part 14 of the Coursework Policy .... (e) scheduling examinations in postgraduate coursework units of study, as far.
Purpose. 1.1 This document set out the procedures associated with assessment and examinations at London .... the examination board must decide on what basis those modules will contribute towards the final mark. .... 2.50 For resits of coursework assessments within the same academic year (for example, 2016-2017) all.
16.01.2018 -
Approved by. Academic Board. Meeting 09/5, 9 December 2009. Resolution AB 09/69. Latest amendment: Director, Governance Support Unit, approved administrative changes under Delegation 3.17, 5 February 2013. (see details) ... assessment, computer based assessment, oral examinations, class quizzes, short answer.
Procedures and the Student Rules related to assessment, academic misconduct and ... Open-book rather than closed-book examinations should be used wherever .... Academic Board. Review date. 2021. File number. UR17/3558. Superseded documents Policy for the Assessment of Coursework Subjects (file UR09/797).
Nature of Assessment. Page 12. Coursework. Page 13. Rules for the Conduct of Examinations. Page 14. Marking and Feedback. Page 15. Extenuating Circumstances. Page 18. Unit Assessment Boards. Page 19. Boards of Examiners. Page 26. Exemptions. Page 35. Academic Appeals. Page 36. Assessment Offences.
on behalf of the Academic Board by the Sub-Committee for Assessment (SCA). Approval of the constitution and membership of examination boards is undertaken by a School Board prior to final approval by the Sub-committee for Assessment. When approving the constitution of Course Examination Boards, School Boards
This policy provides instructions for departments and schools, from the Academic Board, about the timing of ... Assessment - includes the holding of tests and examinations; and due dates for essays, projects and field trip ... each course, ensure that the type, dates and times of all items of coursework for each course and the

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